Rapid Growth Activator works wonders on golf turf! For bright, vibrant greens and turf that withstands frequent use, apply RGA with a spray boom at 1/2 lb per acre. Water RGA in for 10 minutes after boom application via irrigation.

Rapid Growth Activator:

  • Reduces fertilizer usage
  • Increases disease resistance 
  • Promotes health and vigor
  • Minimizes nutrient leaching
  • Increases resistance to draught
  • Enhances nutrient absorption 
  • Rejuvenates older turf
  • Promotes nutrient solubilization and nutrient mineralization
  • Enhances soil fertility and nutrient availability 
  • Reduces stress caused by environmental changes
  • Prevents early decline

Golf Course Field Study

The following images are from a study in Davenport, Florida. The golf course greens were declining with fungal and nematode disease pressure.

Click here to see the full study.

Golf Courses before and after


RGA on Sod


New Sod After Two Months' treatment with RGA



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