rga-general-blueberries2RGA Rapid Growth Activator is an all-natural, eco-friendly "green" product specially formulated to enhance agriculture production. This formulation is free of unwanted material and produced by a natural fermentation process. Proudly made in U.S.A.

RGA isn't just for large-scale agricultural usage. Use Rapid Growth Activator anywhere to enhance greenery and flowers, and to grow larger, more vibrant, and more delicious fruits and vegetables at home.

dragonfly-portraitRapid Growth Activator:

  • Is safe for use around kids and pets
  • Is all-natural, non-GMO
  • Is eco-friendly
  • Reduces fertilizer usage
  • Reduces pesticide usage
  • Stimulates root growth and development
  • Reduces fruit drop
  • Increases yield
  • Promotes health and vigor

Our formula contains the perfect combination of beneficial soil bacteria, nutrients and vitamins to create the best possible solution for your crop. RGA is produced by a natural fermentation process. The proprietary strains of natural soil present in this formula are grown in a laboratory under strict sterile media and high standards. Rapid Growth Activator is available in small 5-lb tubs for application at home.

Distributed by SaniChem International

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