What is RGA Rapid Growth Activator? 

RGA Rapid Growth Activator is an all-natural, eco-friendly "green" product specially formulated to enhance agriculture production. This formulation is free of unwanted material and produced by a natural fermentation process. Proudly made in U.S.A. Studies available demonstrate efficacy even in citrus trees damaged with HLB (citrus greening). Patented product - US Patent #2651-002-001

Unsurpassed Technology

RGA contains naturally occurring soil bacteria, fungi, and microbial nutrients that promote the conversion of organic or inorganic fertilizers into plant available forms thereby improving nutrient availability. RGA also contains metabolites synthesized by the microorganisms prepared by fermentation that contain enzymes and other metabolites capable of hydrolyzing the cell wall of the gram negative bacteria Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus thereby protecting the citrus tree roots. The microorganisms in RGA also help to maintain a microbial system to support the growth of the citrus tree and synthesize metabolites in the soil.

What are the benefits of using RGA Rapid Growth Activator? 

  • Download RGA Rapid Growth Activator Test DataStimulates root growth and development 
  • Reduces fertilizer usage
  • Increases disease resistance 
  • Reduces fruit drop
  • Increases yield
  • Promotes health and vigor
  • Minimizes nutrient leaching
  • Increases resistance to draught
  • Enhances nutrient absorption 
  • Rejuvenates older trees 
  • Promotes nutrient solubilization and nutrient mineralization
  • Enhances soil fertility and nutrient availability 
  • Reduces stress caused by environmental  changes
  • Prevents early decline

RGA works on the root system of treesHow does RGA work on diseased trees? 

RGA provides enumerable benefits to both the soil and the plant. Specifically the microbial system will promote root growth and enhance root architecture. These aspects are crucial for diseased trees and young trees. A healthy root minimizes nutrient leaching, aids in nutrient cycling, enhances nutrient absorption there by stimulating plant growth and increasing resistance to abiotic stress. 

What makes RGA different from other products? 

Our formula contains the perfect combination of beneficial soil bacteria, nutrients and vitamins to create the best possible solution for your crop. RGA is produced by a natural fermentation process. The proprietary strains of natural soil present in this formula are grown in a laboratory under strict sterile media and high standards. 

Why you should use RGA in your crops? 

Unfortunately today many soils are grossly out of balance and are devoid of beneficial microbial populations. This is primarily due to an over reliance on pesticides and inorganic fertilizers as both adversely affect the delicate microbial balance found in healthy soil profiles. Rapid Growth Activator (RGA) was specifically formulated to re-establish these beneficial microbial populations and provide the soil with the necessary components to promote vigorous plant growth.

Is RGA a genetically modified product? 

No, RGA is produced by a natural fermentation process. The proprietary strains of natural soil present in this formula are grown in a laboratory under strict sterile media and high standards.


Root Studies of Treated vs. Untreated Trees


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Root Studies of Competitor Products

Our latest study of RGA Rapid Growth Activator shows RGA vs. two competitor products. The roots of HLB infected Valencia orange seedlings were drenched with the three products at recommended dosages for each commercial microbial inoculant based on the manufacturer's recommendations. Infected plants were drenched every four weeks at the recommended rates and watered the other two weeks, and fertilized on the third week.

The results show that the plant drenched with RGA had significant new root growth. Product B showed no new white root growth, and Product C's new growth was not nearly as much as RGA. See pictures below:



Images of Groves Treated with RGA






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