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Cooking with Seasonal Summer Veggies & Fruits

Organic ProduceIt’s summertime and that means some of the best produce of the year! Here is your guide to delicious summer fruits and vegetables:

Arugula - this spicy leafy green can perk up any salad - just wash and enjoy raw.
Avocados - make guacamole, add them to a salad, or just cut them and eat them with a squeeze of lime juice!
Beets - packed with vitamins and perfect for soups, purees, wraps, and salads.
Berries - enjoy raw, in a smoothie, as dessert, or a snack - the possibilities are endless.
Chard - sauté the leaves simply with garlic and olive oil, stuff them with filling as you would grape leaves, or use them anywhere you’d use spinach or beet greens.
Cherries - this nature’s candy can be enjoyed as a snack or in desserts, salads and more.
Chile Peppers - offering the perfect amount of spice to add to salsa, tacos, burritos.
Corn - the best way to enjoy corn in summer is on the grill! Remove silks and wrap the corn in foil, leaving the husk intact. Cook on a hot grill for 20 minutes. Enjoy!
Cucumbers - try peeling, slicing and soaking in the refrigerator in a mixture of sliced onion, vinegar, water, salt and pepper. Delicious!
Eggplant - a robust vegetable that can be used in place of steak or smothered in sauce and cheese and baked as eggplant parmesan.
Figs - their sweetness makes them a welcome addition to desserts, breakfast sweets, and baked goods as well as a natural complement for savory foods like meat and cheese.
Green Beans - simply saute green beans in butter and season with salt and pepper.
Herbs - there are many ways to enjoy herbs, but a great way to save them is to freeze them in olive oil in an ice tray, then store in ziploc bags in the freezer. Fresh herbs all year!
Melons - the ultimate summer fruit, need we say more?
Okra - fried okra is a southern staple - coat with egg, then in seasoned cornmeal, fry and enjoy!
Potatoes - the old standby; there is nothing like a loaded baked potato to stand by a nice summer steak on the grill.
Salad Greens - summer and salad go together so well. Make mason jar salads that will last up to a week in the refrigerator; there are many ideas on Pinterest!
Spinach - toss a handful in a smoothie for a nutritious drink that even the kids will love.
Summer Squash - saute, roast, or heat in a foil packet on the grill for a yummy side to complement any summer meal.
Tomatillos - dice and toss in your favorite fresh salsa recipe for an added burst of flavor and color.
Tomatoes - speaking of salsa, there is nothing like a nice pico de gallo on a warm summer day!

Whatever summer produce you are cooking with, it is important to practice good food safety techniques and thoroughly wash and clean fruits, vegetables, seafood, and meat to help prevent food-borne illness. CitroBio Fresh Food Wash can be used on produce, seafood, sushi, and meat of all types to remove contaminants. To learn more about CitroBio, click here.



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