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CitroBio for Poultry Farms

poultry-farmingCitroBio has proven effectiveness in poultry applications. Poultry farms can use CitroBio in a variety of ways, from incubators to drinking water, to control pathogens such as salmonella, listeria, E. Coli and more. The acidifier action of CitroBio activates the neuro-vegetative system by increasing nutrient absorption. CitroBio has antimicrobial gastro-intestinal action acting against pathogenic microorganisms originated in the feed, drinking water or environment.  

  • Use CitroBio Fresh Food Wash to clean incubators and eggs
  • Add CitroBio directly to feed and watering systems to control parasites
  • Use CitroBio in the entire slaughtering process
  • Add CitroBio to chillers and wash tanks
  • Spray meat with CitroBio prior to packing
  • Clean equipment with CitroBio

CitroBio has been professionally tested - click here to see how CitroBio controls pathogens and extends the shelf life of poultry meat.

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CitroBio's active ingredients are safe to use following Good Manufacturing Practices

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