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Rapid Growth Activator is for Everything that Grows!

oranges3Did you know? Rapid Growth Activator is not just for farmers. RGA is for use by anyone, on all agricultural products, including grass, turf, trees, plants, flowers, vegetables, fruits, and more. RGA isn't just for large-scale agricultural usage. Use Rapid Growth Activator at home to enhance your yard and flowers, and to grow larger, more vibrant, and more delicious fruits and vegetables at home.

Rapid Growth Activator:

  •     Is safe for use around kids and pets
  •     Is all-natural, non-GMO
  •     Is eco-friendly
  •     Reduces fertilizer usage
  •     Reduces pesticide usage
  •     Stimulates root growth and development
  •     Reduces fruit drop
  •     Increases yield
  •     Promotes health and vigor

Our formula contains the perfect combination of beneficial soil bacteria, nutrients and vitamins to create the best possible solution for your crop. RGA is produced by a natural fermentation process. The proprietary strains of natural soil present in this formula are grown in a laboratory under strict sterile media and high standards.

RGA is available for purchase in small quantities. Click here to purchase RGA now.


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