Thursday, 03 March 2016 23:44

Florida Orange Production Holding Fast, Still down 29% Over Last Season

oranges3A recent study showed that the USDA’s projections for Florida Orange productions are steady at 69 million boxes, which was the predicted amount in December. While orange production is holding steady, grapefruit has dropped significantly from 11.5 million boxes predicted in December to an estimated 10.8 million boxes.

While Florida Grapefruit is showing a 16% decline in production over the 2014-15 season, this drop is less significant than the Florida Orange production, which is down almost 29% over last season.

“A decline in grapefruit was not unexpected given the overall trend the industry has experienced due to citrus greening. However, the continuity reflected in today’s orange forecast is encouraging,” said Shannon Shepp, executive director of the Florida Department of Citrus.

Citrus greening disease is the main cause of the decline in the Florida Citrus industry over the past decade. RGA Rapid Growth Activator is an all-natural, eco-friendly "green" product specially formulated to enhance citrus and agricultural production. Our field studies demonstrate efficacy even in citrus trees damaged with HLB (citrus greening).

When RGA is used on healthy and diseased citrus trees, it has been shown to provide enumerable benefits to the soil and the plant. Benefits of RGA Rapid Growth Activator include:

  •     Stimulates root growth and development
  •     Reduces fertilizer usage
  •     Increases disease resistance
  •     Reduces fruit drop significantly
  •     Increases yield
  •     Promotes health and vigor
  •     Minimizes nutrient leaching
  •     Increases resistance to drought
  •     Enhances nutrient absorption
  •     Rejuvenates older trees
  •     Promotes nutrient solubilization and nutrient mineralization
  •     Enhances soil fertility and nutrient availability
  •     Reduces stress caused by environmental changes
  •     Prevents early decline

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