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Stay Updated on Foodborne Illness and Food Poisoning Outbreaks

Food HealthDid you know there are many cases of food poisoning, foodborne illness, and recalls that are not mentioned in the media? Recalls especially are so frequent that it would be impossible to report every single item that is removed from shelves for health and safety reasons.

Fortunately there are several resources online that provide complete listings of important recalls and up-to-date food safety information. Below please find a list of sites to monitor for this information:

  • Food Safety News - Provides daily emails and an RSS feed of recalls and food safety events
  • FDA Recalls - Recalls, market withdrawals (voluntary), and safety alerts
  • USDA Recalls - Current recalls and archives to monitor brands’ food safety history
  • - Provides a list of recalls and information on what to do about them

If you are concerned about food health, it is important to remember to practice good food safety such as frequent hand washing, using separate surfaces to cut raw meat and produce, and cooking food to a proper temperature before consuming. For more information about food safety practices, visit this easy-to-remember tips site.

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