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A Guide to Crustaceans; Why They Are an Important Part of a Healthy Diet

healthy shellfishPeople may say shellfish are an acquired taste. Sure they may be tasty to some people, but many would choose a filet mignon over these bottom feeders any day. Although they may not be the tastiest seafood available, they may be some of the healthiest. Here’s a guide to inform you on the health benefits of shellfish:

Oysters: These stars of the shellfish world are the most expensive and most nutrient dense shellfish available. They are the single greatest source of dietary zinc. Just 4 of these shellfish supply B- vitamins, 1200 IU of Vitamin A, a third daily of folate, 7 mg of vitamin E, 3 mg of copper, 280% of daily selenium, and 33 mg of zinc. If that’s not enough, they come with 18 grams of protein, 1.5 grams omega3, and 0.1 gram of omega 6. Bottom line, we need to eat more oysters!

Clams: Although this shellfish isn’t as nutritious as oysters, they still have many healthy factors. Just 15 small clams give a nice dose of vitamin A, B12, selenium, magnesium, and iron. They also have 31 grams of protein, 7 grams of carbohydrates, and 300 mg of omega 3. Even though most are farmed they are still really good to eat.

Mussels: These delicious little shellfish go great cooked in a little white wine, garlic, and butter, but that’s beside the point. These mussels also contain a great source of B vitamins, riboflavin, B12, magnesium, iron, zinc, omega 3, and omega 6.

Scallops: These sweet decadent shellfish go great with pastas, by themselves, or even bacon wrapped. Most people tend to eat these over oysters and mussels because of less slime. This shellfish also contains a great source of B12, magnesium, selenium, zinc, and 20 grams of protein. Both farmed and wild scallops get good ratings from the seafood watch, so what are you waiting for?

Remember if you choose to find these shellfish on your own, CitroBio is a great way to keep your shellfish fresh and bacteria free. Just a little spray on solution will keep these shellfish vibrant, fresher, and smell cleaner. Also, don’t be afraid to spray some solution before you cook them as a precaution, CitroBio requires no rinsing. Once you have enjoyed your shellfish just wipe your cooler, utensils, or cutting board with CitroBio to know your kitchen is bacteria free.


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