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Is the Color of Your Meat and Poultry Safe?

poultry colorAre you ever shopping and wonder why some ground beef looks darker than others or why turkey breast looks a little pink? Color is important when shopping for meat at the grocery store. Usually you want to look for an attractive, bright color. But why are there differences in color? Listed below are some common questions.

What affects the color of meat?
Myoglobin, a protein, is responsible for the red color in meat. When mixed with oxygen, it becomes a bright red color. Color is also influenced by age of animal, specie, diet, sex, and exercise. Older animals will have a darker meat due to increased levels of myoglobin. More exercised animals will have a darker color. Also, the color of meat changes while being stored at stores or in the home.

Does a change in color mean the meat is spoiled?
Color changes are normal for fresh products. If the meat is spoiled, the color will often fade or darken, but also have an odor, be sticky to the touch, or slimy. If the meat has any of those characteristics, discard the product.

Why are some cooked poultries pink?
Oven gases or electric ovens chemically react different with hemoglobin in the meat to give it a pink color. Younger birds will also display a pinker color than older birds will. Grilled or smoked poultry outdoors can be pink if internal temperatures reach 165 degrees. Safely cooked poultry can range in color from white to tan to pink. Raw poultry colors will range from bluish white to yellow, which is normal depending on how the animal was raised.

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