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Food Safety During The Holidays

poultry safetyFood safety can be a challenge during the holiday season for many reasons.

If you’re in charge of hosting and cooking for time-honored holiday gatherings, chances are good you have started planning your menu; one that’s filled with guest favorites like turkey, ham, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. However, something that many hosts overlook is food safety. Have you brushed up on how you can help make sure pathogens stay off the menu? Here are some key points on safe practices while handling food during the Holidays:

• Plan ahead
• Keep hands and surfaces clean
• Separate food items to avoid cross-contamination
• Thaw your turkey properly
• Cook foods to proper temperatures
• Chill foods to safe temperatures
• Keep guests out of the kitchen

Holidays happen during the cold and flu season, which makes it even more likely that guests have harmful bacteria on their fingertips. Be sure that your kitchen remains a guest-free zone to prevent people picking at food while you’re preparing it. Keep guests happy before dinner by serving appetizers in gathering areas away from the kitchen.

Remember that CitroBio is a great, all-in-one helper in the kitchen, solving all your food and safety needs! From the actual food, to the counter tops, CitroBio will give you the peace of mind in knowing that you have been proactive in handling food and prep surfaces, while saving time and money, as no rinsing is necessary. A little bit goes a long way!

We are happy to say that CitroBio is used daily in large processing plants for poultry, meats, seafood, milk, and produce, obtaining great results in safety plus extended shelf-life!

From the CitroBio family to yours: We Wish You and Your Family a Safe and Joyous Holiday Season!


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